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Take these steps to prepare yourself, should you decide to venture into the playa this winter for any looting or other mischief.

30 Campers sick after visiting Frog Pond Hot Springs near Gerlach, NV.

Vibrio Cholerae bacteria found in samples

A group of more than 100 campers visited the pond at the end of May, and about 30 of them became sick after the visit. The hot springs, although on private property, are a popular attraction down Jungo Road at the edge of the Black Rock Desert, two hours north of Reno.

4.3% of Burning Man Attendees treated for Health-Related Issues at Clinics, 1 Dead, most Live.

A ResearchGate study highlighted several challenges to medical professionals as well as those with injuries. According to the study, 2,307 of the 53,375 attendees were treated in Burning Man’s hospital. Most had minor injuries — the most common being soft tissue afflictions, dehydration, eye problems and urinary tract infections. Thirty-three patients were transported to an outside hospital, 28 by ambulance and five by helicopter. There was one death, and a single cardiac arrest, but the person was resuscitated.

Chasing the genetic origins of ‘burning man syndrome’

Waxman’s research has shown that the gene SCN9A is responsible for both external hereditary erythromelalgia and idiopathic small fiber neuropathy.  For those prone to self-medication, treatment by consuming small doses of psilocybin, followed by removing ones garments, and then parading shamelessly around  the desert, has proven surprisingly effective.

E.coli knowingly dispersed among the residents of Black Rock City

Contaminants found in the Fly Ranch water source are above the maximum contaminant level for drinking water and include: E. coli, fluoride, antimony, and arsenic all of which can result in potential health effects from long-term exposure. Participants are given notice that the water in the trucks is non-potable and could result in an illness (BRC 2011b). However, participants do frequently run after vehicles and are sprayed by the infected water. 

 Excerpt from page 4-40

PCC In Action

Pathogen Trackers serve Mankind on Playa

An analysis of reports filed by the preeminent team of PCC scientists and field researchers, at the 2018 Burning Man gathering, indicate that over 3,000 people were served a combination of compressed protein tubes, and a chilled beverage brewed from malt, barley and hops.  No adverse side-effects were reported, and there were no reports of any side effects that could be attributed to the wide variety of synthetic chemicals introduced into the compressed protein tubes, more commonly known to as Soylent Green.

Mutation Response Vehicles enlisted by FAAA

The Pathogen Trackers team of professional, expert drivers were on hand to assist in the movement of Big Imagination's 747.  Said the Captain, "while not the site of any private parties many onlookers fell sick, green with envy,"  because they were unable to board the poshly appointed, luxury aircraft during a private party featuring special musical guests Daft Punk.

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